William Sandifer

William Sandifer LAc

Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Meet William / Licensed Acupuncturist

At the age of 23, I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. The accident caused debilitating pain and vertebral disc herniations from L5-S1. In the aftermath, doctors prescribed nerve blocks and pain killers to manage symptoms. While these treatments provided temporary relief, I quickly realized they were more like bandaids that did not address the root of the problem. In looking for more effective ways to heal, I tried acupuncture which helped me regain my quality of life.  In fact, acupuncture had such a strong effect on my back and body, I changed careers and studied acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University in Los Angeles. While in school I interned and worked with the Wells Chiropractic Team, who practice cutting edge biomedical based acupuncture. In addition to hundreds of hours with the Wells team and in my school clinic, I took it upon my self to learn by treating my own pain with needles. Through practicing thousands of times on myself, I feel I have unmatched first hand understanding of exactly how to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Utilizing the skills I learned, I am excited to share my knowledge and passion with the Huntington Beach community.